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2022.01.18 12:59 banana092 I have the weirdest Golden visa experience !!!! I Went to Amer center (The reddit Famous MR Ibrahim) he did not bother to look into my papers because of my profession which as per him is not included in the golden visa scheme....However, I opened a GDFRA Account with my emirates ID (CONT)...

I have the weirdest Golden visa experience !!!! I Went to Amer center (The reddit Famous MR Ibrahim) he did not bother to look into my papers because of my profession which as per him is not included in the golden visa scheme....However, I opened a GDFRA Account with my emirates ID (CONT)... submitted by banana092 to dubai [link] [comments]

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Gibt's am Schottenring irgendwelche coolen Geschäfte?
Ein Kind in der U-Bahn hat grad die ganze Zeit Rotz und Wasser geheult, dass es am Schottenring was einkaufen möchte.
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Bad night, I want to change. So I’m here waiting for it to start. Could use some words of encouragement
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Publisher: Wrong Era
Out Date: 2022-01-14
Quality: MP3 11.17 Mb / AIFF 48.88 Mb
Genre: Indie Dance
EBONY - Pluk BT / (Key F#m, BPM 116, Length 4:37)​
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2022.01.18 12:59 Eisenkoenig42 The day of the Kaiserdeputation – December 18, 1870

The day of the Kaiserdeputation – December 18, 1870

“France became a republic. The war was still not over. Leon Gambetta, a far-left politician, had called on the French people to continue the clashes as all-out war.
The German headquarters, however, moved closer and closer to Paris. The Crown Prince had been in Versailles since September 20th. King Wilhelm also came here on the evening of October 5th.
Versailles, not the well-known palace of Louis XIV, but a functional-administrative building, the previous prefecture building, became the German headquarters.
Negotiations began here, aimed at a new common political future for northern and southern Germany.
While talks with the smaller southern German states were being concluded in Berlin, negotiations continued separately with Bavaria in Versailles.
Treaties were signed with Baden and Hesse on November 15, with Bavaria on November 23, and with Württemberg on November 25, 1870, which aimed at joining a common constitution and the 'establishment of a German Confederation' on January 1, 1871.
The 'states of the North German Confederation' concluded - as stated in the federal treaty with Bavaria - 'an everlasting federation'. ...‘This federation is called the German federation’.
The North German Confederation was simply supposed to become a German Confederation by expanding it to include the southern German states.
The name of the state was changed to Deutsches Reich by the Bundesrat on December 9, 1870, and at the same time it was stipulated that the Presidium of the Bund 'bear the name of Deutscher Kaiser'.
The North German Reichstag agreed to these two name changes after the formally required three readings on December 10 without any comments.
In a roll-call vote, 188 MPs voted in favor and six against.
The Yes votes came from all factions, from Windthorst to the left-wing Liberals and Democrats Lasker and Loewe.
The six no votes were cast unanimously by the political representation of the working class, which did not yet have a faction:
three each from the deputies of the General German Workers' Association (Hasenclever, Mende, Schweitzer) and from the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Germany (Bebel, Fritzsche, Liebknecht). Schraps was missing. The Polish MPs stayed away from the vote.
Mystical-religious ideas are associated with the concept of emperor and empire, and not just in Germany.
In 1870, the generation that had still seen a German emperor had not yet passed.
The Prussian king was one of them.
Ever since the founding war of 1866, the idea of ​​a new German emperor had been in the air. Bismarck spoke openly about it from January 1870.
A particular adherent of such ideas was the crown prince, who dreamed of a Borrussian-Protestant revival of the medieval German Empire.
The German Catholics were already fired up for a new German Empire. The deputy Reichensperger hoped 'that the gates of the Kyffhauser will open before our eyes and that we will hear the dawn of the awakening German Empire.'
In the name of the German princes, the King of Bavaria asked the King of Prussia to restore a German Empire and the German imperial dignity.
As we now know, the so-called Bavarian Emperor's letter was largely written on Bismarck's desk. On the one hand, it was crucial that King Ludwig II signed it and, on the other hand, that the letter was personally handed over to King Wilhelm by his uncle Luitpold, the next in line to the Bavarian throne.
The free cities – Bremen, Hamburg and Lübeck – also joined in, with Bremen emphasizing that it was a Freistaat (the German term for republic at the time).
This put aside the main concerns that had stood in the way of acceptance by Wilhelm's brother Friedrich Wilhelm IV in 1849.
The Reichstag reacted immediately.
Immediately after his approval of the transformation of the federation into an 'empire' and the revival of the imperial title, a representative body of parliamentarians was appointed to offer King Wilhelm of Prussia the imperial dignity 'in the name of the German people'.
Not only the German princes, but also the German people, democratically legitimized by their parliamentarians, should and wanted to be involved in the creation of the empire.
The reception of the deputation on Sunday, December 18, 1870 in the prefecture building (not in the palace) of Versailles by the King of Prussia became the actual founding act of the German Empire.
The Royal Prussian State Gazette called it a 'state act of the highest world-historical importance... in which the royal promise to accept the imperial title was made before the representatives of the nation'.
To the representatives appointed by lot by the Reichstagen other members of the Reichstag who had rushed to Versailles of their own accord.
They were led by the President of the Reichstag, Eduard Simson. It was a very special day for him. Exactly 22 years earlier he had been elected President of the German National Assembly. And 21 years ago Samson had led the deputation that had offered the king's brother the German imperial dignity.
What did not succeed at the time was now under a much better star.
In addition to the King of Prussia, who was appointed Emperor, the Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, the Crown Prince and the generals were present - Roon at the head of a total of ten generals. The military architect of the wars for the founding of states, Moltke, demonstratively sided with the parliamentary imperial deputation because he was also an elected member of the Reichstag.
There were also a large number of German federal princes: the grand dukes of Baden, Oldenburg and Saxony (-Weimar-Eisenach), the dukes of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Saxe-Meiningen, Prince Wilhelm and Duke Eugen of Württemberg, the hereditary grand dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Oldenburg and Saxony, Prince Hohenzollern, Princes Carl and Adalbert of Prussia and all senior officials of the Prussian court.
Special ceremonies were observed: the Prussian High Court Master and the High Ceremony Master marched at the head.
The picture was quite symbolic: the monarchical head of the new empire with the federal princes, the federal chancellor and the highest state officials, plus the leading officers of the war for the founding of states, united with the representatives of the Reichstag elected by the people.
And at its head was the man who had already given an address to the Emperor in 1849 and had failed at that time with Friedrich Wilhelm IV.
President Simson read the address: 'United with the princes of Germany, the North German Reichstag is approaching with the request that Ew. Majesty may please to consecrate the work of unification by accepting the German imperial crown.
Wilhelm thanked the North German Reichstag.
He was 'appointed ... to play a decisive role in the work of unifying Germany'.
The unanimous vote of the German princes and free cities was the basis for accepting the application.
But in contrast to his brother in 1849, Wilhelm added: 'and in the concurring wish of the German nation and its representatives.'
In contrast to Friedrich Wilhelm IV, Wilhelm expressly recognized the political will of the German parliamentarians as an important prerequisite for accepting the German imperial dignity.
This was now giving the address of the President of the Reichstag. The Prussian king added with 'satisfaction' that 'the agreement of all German princes and free cities is secured.'
After that, the future German Emperor first approached the President of the Reichstag, then all the other members of the Reichstag, shook hands with them and thanked them - and thus the German Parliament - 'for their participation in the work that had been accomplished.'
The whole circumstances surrounding the admission of the Kaiserdeputation – repeated private receptions for the members by the Crown Prince, gala dinners for all members of parliament with the awarding of orders by the King – made the official appreciation of the parliamentarians by the King, heir to the throne and federal princes clear.”

Germany as an empire – Hermann Hiery, page 66/71
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2022.01.18 12:59 Tight_Phase2795 Does anyone have experience using as a freight forwarder?

All of the positive reviews on Google and look to be fake. They are considerably cheaper.. which makes me nervous to use them.
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2022.01.18 12:59 Idontknowyoubitch What's this feeling called?

I just read the room and act like how I'm supposed to act, i never really cared when other people Vented their problems or something else, for me it like i game where i have options to choose. I feel bad about it. I never really get sad or joy, l act on the situation weather to choose to get sad or be happy. Is there a term for this?
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2022.01.18 12:59 xxGandalfzz looking for a fe visualizer that works with krnl

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2022.01.18 12:59 wyrdfiction [PI] The Zombie Outbreak of 1947

[WP] When the zombie virus broke out, you were prepared. You quickly became the country's #1 zombie hunter - until science found the antidote to the virus that turns zombies into healthy humans again, retroactively making you the #1 mass murderer.
The Zombie Outbreak of 1947
I remember the day I heard the news.
“A cure! Hope returns!” It was the headline that was plastered around the world.
I swore when I came back from Europe after the Second World War I’d never kill another man again. Even if it meant my own death. I’d let them kill me.
I had no family. No children. So there was no one worth protecting.
Then on December 26th 1947 the first of the dead started to rise. It was in New York City.
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