Spidey out for a swing through the city.

But in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” the distinct, if cluttered, time zones of Marvel’s webslinger overlap and collide in ways that are often entertaining and likely to be satisfying to fans, even if they still lack quite the Spidey sense tingle they’re designed to provide an overdose of. This movie is like two Spider-Man jabs and a ... Spidey nets 3rd best movie opening of all time with $253 million. ... The Force Awakens" out of the No. 2 position. ... 4 injured following wrong-way crash on I-215 in Salt Lake City But it’s also a story about a city. Sam Raimi’s New York . The on-screen history of the first Spider-Man movie is inseparable from the history of New York City, given the events of September 11th. Spidey nets 3rd best opening of all time with $253 million. ... The Force Awakens” out of the No. 2 position. ... Welcome to Raccoon City,” $280,000. 10. “Venom: Let There Be Carnage ... Jefferson City man killed in Cole County crash ... Road crews remind drivers to watch out for the possible refreeze from the melted snow ... ‘Spidey’ nets 3rd best opening of all time with ... It should have been impossible for “Spider-Man: No Way Home” to succeed. With the introduction of a live-action spider-verse and characters from numerous franchises, this film should have ... Swing City is a cool third person swinging 3D action game you can enjoy online and for free on Silvergames.com. Control your awesome superhero looking character in order to swing through a huge city packed with buildings and lots of obstacles on your way. Collect coins while you avoid crashing against objects on your way traveling at very high speeds. Spidey himself is a mix of brains and brawn, and he has an entire roster of bad guys that push him to the limit in both of those areas. When it comes to the most powerful of Spider-Man's villains, we're not just talking about the ones that can bench press buildings. During this montage, a symbolic red and blue spider crawls across the scene, but it’s backgrounded by a shot of MJ; the first time we see Spidey’s outfit, sketched out in all its red and blue glory, it appears immediately after a fleeting close-up of MJ’s bright red hair and sea blue eyes. Spider-Man’s story really is all about a girl. Sib Ventress: Stephanie Blakey: August 6, 2021 (): 101: 0.36 "Spidey to the Power of Three": While Peter, Gwen and Miles wait for Aunt May to return with their favorite flavors of ice cream, they decide to step out and stop Rhino from stealing gold coins from banks.Miles and Gwen have disagreements over how to stop the villain (invisibility and gliding, respectively) and end up getting in each ...

2022.01.18 12:37 NinjaBrony Spidey out for a swing through the city.

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2022.01.18 12:37 dJones176 I created a plugin for NextJS and GoatCounter

GoatCounter is an open-source analytics platform. I made an npm package that helps integrate it into NextJS projects easily.
Link: https://www.npmjs.com/package/next-goatcounter

P.S: This is my first NPM package, and I might have made some stupid mistakes. PRs are welcome :)
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2022.01.18 12:37 no_tak Could the recent uncanny valley trend be about aliens?

Hey everyone, I'm new here so sorry if this has been discussed before - in that case I would be grateful for a link.
As many of you know in late December of last year it was revealed that NASA had hired 24 theologians to research how humans would react to absolute confirmation of extraterrestrial life.
Also I feel like recently the topic of the uncanny valley has gone viral (and still is) not just on meme and discussion forums but with several video games and even ARGs coming out and accounts specifically about this topic popping up everywhere.
So just bear with me here for a second cause the next part is speculation but what if NASA has not only discovered actual living extraterrestrials but ones that look similar to us, just slightly off? And what if they realized they won't be able to keep this from the public or even keep the public from meeting them? Then it is - in my opinion - very possible that government agencies created a fake internet trend to desensitize us enough that we can meet these beings without primal fear taking over humanity to a degree that would make the system collapse and throw the world into anarchy.
So these are my thoughts and I'd just really like to know what other people think. Do you think that's how the government would approach this? Or maybe others wouldn't even agree that the uncanny valley trend is that big and out of the ordinary when it comes to online trends? And what would it mean - that these beings are peaceful, just a little eerie looking?
Thank you all in advance.
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2022.01.18 12:37 Simple-Landscape5110 Nice Mesh,nice lingerie

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2022.01.18 12:37 kickthatfuckinmule can anyone eli5 manor farm/animal farm?

First off I'll admit this is confusing as shit for someone new to yield farming I have no experience with binance or drip network. Of the 50+ yt videos I have watched since last night to try to fomo into animal farm, I have not seen one with a clear cut tutorial of how to get binance funds into the farm. I have funds set for faucet, but now with all news I am considering animal farm. For someone like me who has never participated in manor. What should be the next step for me since I am missing out on manor farm and the emissions bonus. Do I just try to find a way to buy REV by 1/20 and stake pigs/dogs once the animal farm is live? Using binance.us or cb / cbpro what would be the best conversion route to mm/pancake for REV. Thanks in advance. I know there are a shit ton of us that don't know shit and won't ask.
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2022.01.18 12:37 DevAndGames how to get Corrupted Mods | Warframe | Guide 2022

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2022.01.18 12:37 Gole1992 What we need to address in comprehensive exam ?

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2022.01.18 12:37 zin343 Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard

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2022.01.18 12:37 TaraJo Can you recommend a laptop for me?

So, my last laptop died but it was kinda old and cheap when I got it so that’s not too surprising. I’m in a much better position financially now, so I can afford to get something a bit better.
I’m looking for something for light gaming, web surfing and some photoshopping. I have around $1000 to spend, maybe a little more.
How important is age? I’m not getting a 2012 model or anything that old, but if I can get something significantly better by getting a 2019 model, I’m up for that. I have similar thoughts regarding the type of computer, too. I want a laptop but if I can get significantly better performance from a desktop, I’m open to it. I’d be willing to get a tablet or 2 in 1 laptop but I doubt those have the power to do what I’m looking for.
I’m also curious where I should buy from. Last time I got a laptop, I wasn’t as familiar with online shopping So I had to get something from an office supply store across the street. Now I can use online shopping at lots of stores (where they seem to have more options available) and Amazon. I can also shop directly from manufacture websites like Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Toshiba. Is there any way to decide where is the best place to get a laptop from? Would I save money buying directly from a manufacturer instead of from a retail middle man?
Also, how difficult is it to upgrade a laptop? I’ve heard different people say different things about it. Honestly, if I can, I’m open to getting something with less RAM than I really want and just upgrading it later. Some people tell me that upgrades like that can’t be easier done but others say it’s actually pretty routine. What do you think?
I’m considering this one: Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop 15.6" FHD 144Hz, Intel Core i5-10300H(up to 4.5GHz), GeForce RTX 3050, 16GB RAM 512GB PCIe SSD, WiFi6 Backlit Keyboard https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09P69T3JQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_Q95FXZP5HGQ28MB8DYMW. Do you think it would be what kind of thing that would work for me?
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2022.01.18 12:37 speckz Building UI Components With SVG and CSS

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2022.01.18 12:37 OPCMG [FREE] Money Man Type Beat 2022 | Future Type Beat "Dream"

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2022.01.18 12:37 jobsinanywhere Cardano ADA Coin Hedef Ne? | Ada Coin'de Beklenen Yükseliş Geliyor Mu? | ADA Coin Analiz

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2022.01.18 12:37 Non_living_creature Rapid firecannon Zyra?

I’ve recently started maining Zyra and I’m looking for some cheese build and I thought about maybe using rapid firecannon on Zyra mid to steal em kills from farther away. I technically think it could potentially work and add a bit more safety range but i wanted you guys to tell me your opinion about it!
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2022.01.18 12:37 zubx3 4B @ Harbor 1/21

I've never been to Harbor, but I love 4B and my friend who wants to go. Can't say I've heard good things, but is it worth it if I'm enough of a fan? Any feedback is appreciated
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2022.01.18 12:37 OPpotato16 Freddy killing freddy!!!!!😱😱😱!!!!!!!!!loreeeeeeeeee

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2022.01.18 12:37 notlikeclockwork Orbiter launcher seems to have low text quality?

Hi, I launched Orbiter_ng and the text quality seems to be a bit poor. Is this something wrong on my side?
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2022.01.18 12:37 JapaneseBBQGrill Getting started

Hey ya’ll! I’m new to this whole thing and I'm a bit nervous about starting, so I was hoping you guys might be able to answer some questions for me!

Thanks everyone!!
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2022.01.18 12:37 G-5-0 Somethings never change

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2022.01.18 12:37 Tiny-Mulberry-2114 Mišljenje o Titu. Heroj ili zločinac. Bi li Hrvatska da je bila odvojena završila kao dio SSSR-a ili bi prosperirala kao napredna zapadna zemlja van "Željezne zavjese" P.S.Jugoslavija ne spada u Željeznu zavjesu

Da se odvojimo od istih tema koji se postavljaju po 20 posta dnevno evo onda malo drugačiji post kao rasprava u kojem je svatko dobrodošao iznjeti svoje mišljenje.
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2022.01.18 12:37 bottsking Looks Like Hytale News Got Hacked

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2022.01.18 12:37 999fftt22 Me (19m) and my gf (19f) are having really big problems

So, me and my girlfriend have been struggling a lot recently in our relationship. We live quite far apart, and none of us drive. I've also been dealing with mental health problems since a young age, and I struggle to sleep, I struggle to stay motivated and just struggle overall in life a lot. I had a really shit childhood from the ages of 7-17. So sometimes she'll ask me to go to her house and I'll say not today because I'm really tired from little to no sleep and feel very unwell, I also sometimes can't afford it as I work a crap job and earn little to nothing as I'm still in education. But she keeps arguing with me saying I make no effort and that she's gonna leave me. I'd understand if I never went at all but I do go quite often, just some days I get up and feel horrible, mentally and physically. It's just making me worry. I get yeah it can look like I'm being a crap boyfriend but I genuinely do struggle a lot with my health and struggle to sleep a lot. Getting up in the morning for anything and feeling motivated to do it is a horrible struggle for me.
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2022.01.18 12:37 LunchKind9451 Recommended online communities for advice/help?

As the title says, are there any online communities, groups, organizations, etc people would recommend for learning more about breast cancer and maybe clinical trials?
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2022.01.18 12:37 WhereDaSparkles “Chaos”

Hopefully Verizon doesn’t give in again.
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2022.01.18 12:37 ISpyOwnage2006 Interesting Would You Rather… (Become Midas or literally Death)

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2022.01.18 12:37 Calamitously_Queer DRAMA DARLING - Chapter 2

Chapter 1
Claire was in the kitchen when Dominic returned to the apartment later that afternoon. The oversized washed out band shirt made her look even smaller and skinnier than she was, but her sharp face, piercing gray eyes and spiky hair – bleached to a bone white and cut short with a kitchen knife – gave her the kind of don't fuck-with-me-aura that Dominic found strangely comforting in a friend. He lived in fear of the day he might cross her, but as a friend she was invaluable.
“You want some coffee?”
“Yeah, thanks.” Dominic dropped down into a chair that immediately creaked in protest – their kitchen furniture had already been passed through the hands of multiple residents in the shared apartment and Dominic hoped it would at least survive until after he moved out. Claire poured herself a cup of coffee and then set the pot down on the table.
“You look like you're in a shit mood.” she said.
“Why do you sound mildly amused when you say that?” Dominic poured himself some coffee without looking at Claire. She was way too good at reading his emotions.
“Because I am a demonic entity that thrives on the suffering of others.” Claire took a sip of her coffee and leaned back against the kitchen counter. “So, what is it?”
“Maybe I shouldn't tell you. If you want to feed on my pain you gotta earn it.”
Claire grinned. “Fine, I can guess. Did the canteen run out of fries before you got there?”
“Did you have your shitty seminar on Billy Wilder today?”
“No, that's Wednesday.”
“Alright, final guess.” Claire played with her lip piercing as she thought about it for a second. “Is it because of Julia?”
Dominic hesitated for a second and this proved to be a fatal error.
“Fucking knew it.” Claire said with a grin and took another sip of coffee.
“Then why did you have to guess three times?” Dominic shot back, slightly annoyed.
“To keep you in suspense.” Claire replied casually. “I told you, I thrive on the suffering of others.” She sat down facing Dominic. “Now spill it.”
“You're the worst.” Dominic said and took a sip of coffee, instantly scalding his tongue. “Fucking hell how can you drink it at this temperature?”
Claire shrugged. “Demonic entity. Stop changing the subject.”
Dominic sighed. “Alright so... I talked to her today.”
“Amazing. You're braver than the troops.”
“It's progress alright? Cut me some slack!”
“Fine.” Claire leaned back. “So, you talked to her. Then what?”
Dominic had to swallow. There was no way she wasn't going to make fun of him. “She took me to the student theatre auditions.”
Remarkably, Claire didn't make fun of him. Instead she very carefully put down her cup of coffee and looked straight at him. “You're fucking with me.”
“I wish I was.”
“You auditioned for student theatre? Anna asked you if you wanted to see their play last semester and you told her you'd rather clean every urinal in the university with your tongue.”
“I know.” Dominic looked down. He could feel his face getting red. “I.. look I just wanted an excuse to hang out with her.”
“This Julia better be a total babe if you're willing to throw away your principles like that.”
“I'm not throwing away anything!” Dominic said defensively.
“So, how bad was it?” Claire crossed her arms and put on her most shit eating grin.
“You have no idea. Chock-full of art students in ugly clothes.”
“Have some pity. Not everyone can pull of unicoloured hoodies like you.”
“They're playing a romance this year.”
Claire's grin became so wide that it almost seemed to reach her ears. “And of course you're hoping to be her Romeo.”
“Very fucking funny.” Dominic snapped.
“Gonna take that as a yes.”
“I didn't even get to read a scene with her.” Dominic said. If Claire was going to make fun of him, he would at least make her listen to his complaints. “I had to read with one of those theatre people instead. You know, the ones who take the whole thing really seriously.”
“Oh no. The horror.” Claire took another sip of coffee. “He told me I had to feel my lines.”
“I don't know what you're complaining about. You hang out with theatre people, you're gonna have to listen to their theatre bullshit. You don't see me complaining about musicians being annoying.”
“That's a fucking lie.” Dominic said. “You complain about Janet all the time.”
“But I don't complain about her because she's a musician.” said Claire. “I complain about her because she's a singer. Totally different thing. Besides, she's a total cunt.” She gulped down her remaining coffee and began to rinse the mug in the sink. “By the way, we're playing a show on Friday. Wanna come?”
“Seriously? Janet found somebody who's willing to let The Pussy Pistols get within a mile of a stage?” Dominic had heard one of their demo recordings once and it had been almost hilariously terrible.
“Janet decided to change the name to ReVulva. She says it's 'more powerful' or something. Anyway, you coming?”
“Depends. Do you guys still suck?”
“We're not guys, that's the whole point of playing in a feminist punk band, according to Janet. And yup, we still suck.”
Dominic put down his cup and stretched. “I'm gonna pass then. I promise you I'm gonna come to a concert once you find a band that isn't total garbage.”
“I'm gonna hold you to that.” Claire put the clean mug back on the shelf and turned to leave the kitchen. “Let me know how the thespian situation progresses. I can already tell this is going to keep me entertained for weeks.”
“People who play in bands called ReVulva shouldn't throw stones.” Dominic said with a grin. “The stupid name wasn't my idea.”
Now Claire was beginning to sound defensive. “I told Janet that feminism shouldn't be all about pussies.” “What did she have to say to that?”
“She says I have to unlearn my internalized misogyny.”
“Seriously Claire, it's a fucking miracle you haven't killed her yet.” Claire grinned. “I will as soon as I find a better band.” And with those rather ominous words, she left Dominic behind and retreated to her room.

The cast was to be announced two days later. Dominic wasn't exactly excited for it but it would at least give him a chance to hang out with Julia again. He hadn't had a chance to talk to her since the audition, or rather, he hadn't really found the courage to talk to her when she was surrounded by her friends.
He kept checking the theatre group chat for new messages but none came. Eventually he went to the kitchen in search of snacks. He knew that he didn't have any himself, but Anna kept her snack shelf extremely well stocked and usually didn't mind if he and Claire occasionally helped themselves to some of it as long as they didn't overdo it. When he reached the kitchen, he found Anna herself sitting at the table, furiously typing on her laptop, her face scrunched up in a caricature of extreme concentration. Her big afro was pulled back and held in place with a bright yellow headband that contrasted the vibrant royal blue of her cardigan. In terms of cuts and styles, Anna had a much more matronly taste than most girls he knew. In terms of colour choices, she would have put a flock of tropical parrots to shame. Claire had asked her about her colour preferences once and Anna had responded that she was not going to waste the all the magnificent melanin god had granted her on drab greys and khakis.
Anna didn't reply. She didn't even look up. Dominic didn't take it personally, he knew she wasn't trying to be rude. This was just what she was like when she was focusing on her university work, which was most of the time.
“Could I...”
“Help yourself.” Anna said, continuing to type. “But don't touch the peanut bars, I need them next week.”
“What's next week?”
“The due date on my paper about Judith Butler... God I'm so far behind.”
“Anna for the love of god will you please chill?” Dominic took a bag of cookies and held it out to her. She took two cookies while continuing to type with her other hand. “You have never actually been behind in your studies, calm down.”
“I wanted to have that paper done and ready last week.”
“You're the only student I know who tries this hard to constantly stay ahead of things.” Dominic sat down and took a cookie. “Finishing a paper only two days before it's due isn't going to kill you.”
“I know, I know!” Anna finally stopped typing and took a deep breath. “You're right. I'm going to take a break now and eat my cookies.”
“Want some coffee to go with those?”
“If you're making it I'm not going to say no.” Anna leaned back and began to delicately nibble on her cookie. The way she held it in both hands made her look a little bit like a hamster. The fact that she had the constantly nervous energy of a hamster probably added to that impression. This hamster however was about the smartest person Dominic knew. She had finished school with flawless grades and extremely proud parents who she then immediately disappointed by choosing to study philosophy. Her parents had expected her to go into law or medicine since that was what people with Anna's grades were supposed to do as far as they were concerned, but Anna had very firmly insisted on her choice. According to Claire they had implicitly threatened to cut her off financially. Anna had subsequently gotten herself a job and a room and stopped talking to them for a while. It was an extremely Anna thing to do – she was a very kind and friendly person, but she didn't waste time on anybody who attempted to hold her back.
“So, how's your acting career going?”
Dominic almost dropped the water kettle. “Claire told you?
“Of course she did!” Anna began to nibble on her second cookie. “So, how's it going?”
“No idea.” Dominic said. “They're announcing the cast today. Honestly I kinda hope they give me a small part, I don't wanna have to learn too many lines.”
“Unless you get to play the romantic lead opposite your crush of course.”
“Oh shut up.” Dominic said, but he wasn't actually mad at her. It was simply impossible to be mad at Anna. She was just too sweet, and in addition to that, she was always right. He poured the boiling water in the coffee pot and stirred it a little. Suddenly Claire stood in the kitchen as if summoned by mysterious means.
“Heard you making coffee.” she said. “Can I have some?”
“Take some cookies as well.” Anna said. “We were just discussing his future in showbiz.”
“Did he get the role?”
“I don't know yet okay?” Dominic let out an irritated sigh and sat down with his two flatmates. “They'll put it in the group chat.”
“Well check the group chat then.” Claire said. “The people must know.”
“I've checked it a million times today already.”
“I knew it.” Claire grinned. “You're already way more invested in this than you'd ever admit.”
“I'm not!” Dominic said sulkily and pulled out his phone. He opened the group chat and saw that it had a new message. It was from Henry.
“So?” Anna asked impatiently. “Any news?”
“Let me at least read it first!” Dominic said and opened the message.
“Oh my god this is so exciting!” Anna said and took another cookie.
Dominic quickly skimmed the list of names. He didn't give a shit about who had been cast to play the handmaiden or the best friend, he only cared about Alain. And Céline. He scrolled through the message until he found it. The role of Céline would be played by... Jessie? Who the fuck was Jessie? And how had Henry not seen that Julia was the obvious choice for the part?
“So?” Claire asked him.
“I don't know...” Dominic said. Claire grabbed the phone from his hands and looked at the screen. Dominic tried to take it back but she evaded his grasp easily and he gave up. Sometimes it was better to lose with what little dignity you still had.
“Says here you'll be playing somebody called Guillaume Vicomte de Martinaud.
“Fuck.” Dominic leaned back in his chair.
“I'm gonna assume that's not the romantic lead you were hoping for then.” Claire said.
“Doesn't matter.” Dominic replied. “Julia isn't playing Céline so I don't really care if I get to play Alain.”
“That would be a certain Mateo.” Claire was still reading the cast list.
“Of course he chose fucking Mateo.” Dominic scoffed.
“Who's Mateo?” Anna was nibbling on another cookie and following their exchange with great interest and excitement.
“One of the theatre kids. You know, the ones who take it really seriously. Pretentious wanker.”
“Dominic is mad at him because the guy was better.” added Claire.
“That's not true!” Dominic shouted.
“Totally is.” Claire was grinning again. “Didn't he actually help you with your lines?”
“Oh, so our little Dom is jealous.” Anna said. “Makes sense.”
“I'm not jealous!” Dominic said and snatched his phone back from Claire's hands. “Give me that! I guess it's for the best. This way I can just drop out of the whole thing right away.”
“Don't you dare!” said Claire. “You're gonna see this through.”
“Why the fuck would I?” Dominic asked. “I only went there for Julia.”
“What else are you going to do?” Claire shot back. “You need a new hobby anyway.”
“But not theatre.
“I think it'd be good for you.” Anna said. “You always complain about struggling with presentations and stuff like that. Theatre would be the perfect training. And what's the worst that could happen? Trust me, even if you end up hating it, it'd be a valuable experience. And you've been complaining for months now that you don't know what to do with yourself so you could at least give it a shot. Maybe you'll even have fun.”
“I guarantee you, I absolutely won't.” Dominic said.
“Besides, if you drop out, Claire is going to be mad at you.” Anna took the bag of cookies and put it back on her shelf. “And I'm never going to let you take my snacks again.”
“Okay that's just cruel!” Dominic complained.
“Certain kinds of cruelty can be morally justified if they are for the victim's own good.” Anna said in a sweet tone.
“That doesn't sound right.” Dominic gave her a skeptical look but Anna just smiled.
“Maybe it is. Maybe it's not. But are you going to risk having an ethics debate with the resident philosophy student?”
Dominic didn't say anything. He wasn't entirely sure why exactly he was so set against giving the whole thing a shot, other than the fact that he had always had the deeply held belief that theatre was a fundamentally silly pastime. He wasn't sure where that belief had come from but it had served him well so far. Unfortunately, Anna was – as always – correct. He did need a hobby, practicing to speak in front of people would in fact be good for him, and if the stars aligned and the cosmic horrors awoke from their slumber, he might even end up having fun with it. He doubted that would actually happen, but at least he wasn't going to get bored. The half hour he had worked on his scene with Mateo had passed surprisingly quickly and at the very least, the whole exercise would grant him a lifetime supply of stories about pretentious art students.
“I guess I'll... think about it.” Dominic said lamely.
“That's the good thing about having friends with no backbone.” Claire said, sounding very satisfied. “You can bully them into things much more easily.”
“You're not making a great case for listening to you here.”
“Oh I agree with Anna.” Claire said. “It'll be good for you. And if you end up being really awful at it, it'll be very entertaining for Anna and me. Everybody wins.”

Against his better judgment, Dominic actually did think about it. He knew that Anna was right of course – he had been spending quite a lot of time in his room in the last few months and finding a hobby that would involve actually leaving the apartment would probably not be the worst idea. But did it have to be theatre? Until the audition, he had never tried it before. He had despised the theatre kids at school with almost religious fervor and never gone to any of their performances. But now that he was trying to articulate why exactly that was, he found it strangely difficult. Mostly just because they were all a bit... out there. Dominic found effusive and flamboyant people thoroughly annoying and he always had. They were just a bit much. He knew that there was a small part of him that was at least somewhat jealous of them but he would have rather died than admit that to anybody. Still, the levels of confidence these kinds of people seemed to have was enviable.
Julia was still on his mind. His hopes of getting to hang out with her regularly were in shambles for now – as it turned out, she hadn't gotten a part at all – and that was a pretty good reason to drop the whole stupid idea right away. But if he stuck with it... He briefly remembered the scene he had played with Mateo, how Julia had looked at him then. If she was into this theatre rubbish, then maybe it would still be worth trying. Besides, how bad could it truly be if Julia liked it? Maybe he had just been overly critical.
The one part of himself that he completely refused to acknowledge was the one that tried to tell him he might genuinely end up enjoying it. Unfortunately that part of himself kept nagging him. Of course screaming at an artsy hipster had felt incredibly satisfying but somehow he found it difficult to convince himself that that had been the only aspect he had enjoyed.
Dominic rolled over in his bed and checked his phone. There were loads of messages in the theatre group chat now – everyone except for him was apparently pretty excited for this. And except for Julia, who had unceremoniously left the group chat after the casting choices had been revealed. He looked at the list of names again. He didn't know a single person in the group beyond what he had seen at the audition. Of course an opportunity to make new friends was usually a nice thing, but Dominic's excitement was kept within pretty tight limits when it came to this crowd.
Claire hammered against the door. He could tell it was her – Anna's knocking was rapid but a lot softer than hers.
“We're ordering pizza, you want some too?” Claire shouted through the door.
“Yeah.” Dominic shouted back. “Just give me a minute.”
He looked at the group chat again. The messages kept coming and there seemed to be multiple conversations happening at once. Jessie was asking Henry about potential costume ideas, Nick was asking if his part included a sword fight and some of the others were asking when the rehearsal weekend was going to happen. It was complete chaos. But he couldn't deny that they all seemed very happy and excited... Maybe Anna had been right. Maybe there really was a chance he would end up enjoying it. He sent a message into the group chat asking when and where the rehearsals were going to be, just to put in some sign of interaction. Then he dropped his phone and got up. He was hardly looking forward to the inevitable comments from his flatmates, but there was a lot he was willing to endure for pizza.

“I've never seen you check your phone this much.” Anna said as she munched away on her pizza with more dignity than Dominic had considered possible. “Texting Julia?”
“No.” Dominic kept scrolling through the theatre group chat. Somebody had already renamed it from The Autumn Roses to Henry's Heartbreakers.
“He's terrified of texting her.” Claire said.
“That was supposed to be confidential information!” Dominic protested.
“But why?” Anna asked.
“Because it's private!” Dominic said.
“No, I mean why are you terrified of texting her?”
“He's scared she might think he's a creep.” Claire explained through a mouthful of pizza.
“That's not what I said!”
“But that's what you meant.”
Anna looked a little puzzled. “I don't get it, why would she think he's a creep?”
Claire grinned. “You've grown up too sheltered. If a guy you're not already friends with texts you, chances are about 90% he's a creep, at least in my experience.”
“I get that, but Dominic? I don't think he has creep vibes. He's normal.”
“Thank you.” Dominic said, trying his best to sound actually grateful rather than annoyed.
“I don't know, I can kinda see it.” Claire eyed him for a moment. “Think about it... always dressed in the most boring and basic outfit you could imagine, no real hobbies beyond video games, doesn't talk too much, doesn't make any waves... It's not immediately obvious, but that's the whole thing. You know how in like every documentary about a serial killer they interview the neighbours and they're always like oh no, we never suspected a thing, he was so normal.
She grinned and Dominic sighed. This sort of teasing was pretty standard among them but he couldn't help but feel vastly outmatched by his two flatmates.
“Just saying, if I was a serial killer, Julia wouldn't be on the top of my list of victims right now.” He gave her a wide smile, trying his best to look a little unhinged.
“I don't make for a good victim.” Claire said. “I've done twelve years of taekwondo.”
Claire shrugged and took another bite. “Wanna risk finding out?”
Dominic looked at her suspiciously. She was short and skinny and didn't exactly look fit, but he knew that she had no trouble beating a set of drums to hell and back for three hours straight so she was in better shape than she seemed.
“Fortunately for everyone I am not a serial killer.”
“Almost a shame actually.” Anna looked a little disappointed. “Would have given you a bit of spice, you know?”
“Are you saying I'm... unspicy?”
“The word you are looking for is bland.” Claire said helpfully.
“Thank you. Wait no, fuck you.”
“You're not bland.” Anna said, but she seemed suspiciously focused on her pizza now.
“You're lying.” Dominic said. “I can tell, you're terrible at it.”
“That's because she knows Immanuel Kant would be disappointed in her.” Claire was grinning again. Apparently she paid a lot more attention to Anna's philosophical rants than he did.
“For the record, I don't care what Kant would have thought of me because Kant was a massive racist, and his argument against telling lies from benevolent motives is ridiculous.”
“Wait, so you were lying.” Dominic said.
“I didn't say that!”
“But you didn't deny it.” Anna was beginning to look uncomfortable now and Dominic knew he had her. “So you do think I'm bland.” He leaned back in his chair. Suddenly his mood had gotten a lot worse. The fact that his theatre plans hadn't, well, gone as planned had already ruined his day and now his two flatmates had crushed the spirits that the pizza had only just reanimated. It wasn't like there wasn't generally a lot of playful ribbing among the three of them, but bland... that hurt a little. “Thank you so much, I'm learning a lot about myself tonight. I'm bland and I look like a serial killer.”
“That's not true, you're a perfectly handsome young man.” Anna said, trying to salvage his mood as best she could.
“Yeah, we just said you have the vibes of a serial killer.” Claire added, but Anna gave her a very sharp look. “Sorry, just kidding.” Claire mumbled into her pizza.
“Still leaves the bland thing.” Dominic said. “And don't try to make me feel better now.”
“I didn't mean it like that.” Anna said. “It's not like you're boring or anything, I swear!”
“No,” Dominic said bitterly. “I'm nice, and everyone knows that nice is boring's little brother.”
“That's not true.” Anna sat up straight and spoke a little more forcefully now. “Take it from somebody who's studying the moral complexities of being nice. And you're not boring, you're just...”
“You're not boring.” Claire said. “Otherwise I wouldn't have let you move in with us in the first place. You're just kinda... I don't know... basic? Like, I'm not trying to be mean but you're doing media studies, the chosen field of everyone who doesn't know what else to do. Your favourite hobby is video games and your best friend outside of this room peaked in high school and is as compelling as an amoeba.”
“You're not exactly making me feel better.”
“I'm no good at this.” Claire said. “Anna, you take over again.”
“It's not even that I'd call you basic.” Anna said. “I don't know, it's hard to describe, but sometimes it feels like you're some sort of butterfly that's not quite ready to leave its cocoon, if that makes sense.”
Dominic had no idea what she was talking about but it sounded a lot better than bland boy with serial killer vibes so he didn't interrupt her.
“I'm absolutely certain that there's a fascinating personality behind that handsome and totally not serial killer face.” Anna continued. “I just sometimes feel like it's not quite ready to show itself quite yet.”
Dominic got up. He wasn't hungry anymore and he certainly wasn't in the mood for more conversation like this. “Thanks. It's better than unspicy I guess.”
“That's why I thought the theatre might be good for you, you know?” Anna said. “Maybe push you out of the cocoon a little.”
“And because we can't miss the chance at seeing you prance around the stage in tights and swinging a sword.” Claire added. “You'll be great.”
“Okay that's enough of that, I'm going to bed.” Dominic turned and left the kitchen. He wasn't mad at either of them. They hadn't been trying to hurt his feelings after all. Besides, they were right. He wasn't exactly what people would call a dynamic personality. He thought of the audition again, how easy it had suddenly been to step outside himself for just a moment and scream at somebody and he couldn't help but wonder if there wasn't something to this whole thing. Fucking Mateo certainly didn't seem to be lacking in confidence and he was probably never called bland or compared to unfinished insects.
Dominic dropped on his bed and sighed. The group chat had calmed down a little, now that the pressing questions had been settled. Either the others already all knew each other or they were just getting along instantly, at least judging by the way they talked to each other. He was going to be a part of this bunch of maniacs now. He put down his phone and prayed that he wasn't going to regret it.
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