[Amber] Brady Tkachuk hand in bleeding and he is accusing Brendan Lemieux of biting him during a fight.

2021.11.27 23:40 Zoidberg22 [Amber] Brady Tkachuk hand in bleeding and he is accusing Brendan Lemieux of biting him during a fight.

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2021.11.27 23:40 Dolfamingosenpai Whats the fastest way to cool down apple pie

I plan on making some delicious apple pie, but I'm wondering What's the fastest way to cool it down, because I'm kind of short on time and I got school so I can't cook it in advanced. Can I just place it outside and will that make it cool down faster? Or should I just place it in front of a fan?
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2021.11.27 23:40 thugm33r Would appreciate input :)

Been a confusing time with ex. 1.5y. She broke up. Over text…..lol Been 9m now. Stayed somewhat in contact then saw each other at 2months than said nc. she asked to bike 2 months later I said no. 6 months later i missed her I said let’s meet up and it was rly dope but I got super depressed. She has continually msged me at least once a week with something then I finally just said wtf am doing to myself and ignored her last msg. Week (month after seeing) later she msgs if I still want to chill with her since she’s free. I said I’m busy but she she said how but the week after. I said okay. Is there any point to this? I currently feel solid in my position I’m driven and focused on my life. I’ve spent this time heavily improving my emotional skills. I feel over her yet since this last msg I’m confused. I do want to see her but what’s the point? I’m worried I’ll fuck myself. would like to try rebuilding but it’s not up to me and I don’t want to be in limbo. It was nice not being in limbo for a couple weeks. FYI she has guy friends and had contact with her 3m bf ex even while we where dating. Like what is her intention she seems interested in my life and keen but no signs of reconciliation…Any input is appreciated!
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2021.11.27 23:40 Muffin00 I'm a Panda Express cook recreating Panda Express food at home and I need more opinions

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2021.11.27 23:40 JunglePubez Wise words

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2021.11.27 23:40 contradictingnoun This is Duchess

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2021.11.27 23:40 salaiworld Someone else choosing for me.

At my mom’s boyfriend’s house he made breakfast and I asked if I wanted two or three eggs. I told him two. Minutes later he calls my name and I enter the kitchen for my plate and as soon as I looked at the portions, it seemed like more than I could eat and what I asked for. I ask, “did you add another egg?” He says, “yes, come on, I know you can eat it. You used to eat [insert foods known to have large portions]. Quit playing.” Now, I’m upset. I say, “I asked for two.” We do a brief back and forth until I say, “please, do not upset me.” He laughs, “you can control your mom, not me. I don’t care if you’re upset.” He takes the plate and uses a spatula to remove the excess egg. I ask him to remove the excess bacon as well. He does so, then comments again on my portion sizes, prompting me to say, “people change; I’m sorry if you’re so old that you can’t, but others do.”
At this point all I feel is emotional discomfort, so I power through to the living room and rest down the plate. I wipe my tears and breathe until visibly calm. I’m hungry, but now it looks disgusting and utterly unappetizing. As I pass my mom to enter the living room, she comments how I’m unreasonably moody just as she enters the kitchen. I’m sitting and she soon comes back to the living room to place a tray under my food.
Sooner or later he comes to sit on the couch from a distance. He sees my plate and asks why I’m not eating. Frustrated, I say as calmly as I can, “why did you choose for me?” My mom then decides to chime in and agree before returning from the kitchen, “yeah, you can’t just do that.”
Mentally, I find it interesting how she is always quick to call me moody, but hardly asks what’s wrong.
She leaves as he mumbles, “whatever,” loud enough. My cousin then comes in and asks him for something to which he responds, “sure, [cousin’s name], you can have whatever you want.”
I picked that up as spiteful since I’ve observed their dynamic and conversations, and the tone and wording of his sentence could have sounded out of character. In addition to this, he’s made comments weeks beforehand about my eating: “Oh, I forgot, you don’t eat.” Or, “oh, I forgot, you starve yourself.”
The food sat as I played games on my phone and eventually, I got up handed my mom the untouched plate. She looks at it, then trashes it without another word. Afterwards, I sit in the kitchen until I can finally go home.
I chose something and I wanted that choice to be mine because I fee I’ve had little in my life, but it was like it didn’t matter. I’ll admit, my moms been trying to be more emotionally involved with me and my mental health throughout the very recent years, but as I tell her the things I think I can confide in her about it’s like they’re always popping up from others that I don’t speak to. And I’ve picked up that during a majority of our heart-to-heart conversations, she’s had wine beforehand and it’d be like the things we talked about were barely acknowledged in actions. Like she hears, but doesn’t listen.
I think an uncomfortable conversation needs to be had because life is too short and the unsettling mood between us is a waste of time, but I’m not sure how to and am anxious about it.
I’ve been telling myself I have a right to feel what I’m feeling, but am I overreacting? I usually keep things bottled when people overstep, but was I entitled to tell him, “Please don’t upset me?” Was I entitled to want my mom to ask me what was wrong instead of just claiming I was in a mood? Was it bad that I wanted her to get on his case without having to say anything?
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2021.11.27 23:40 MathiasArt 🥸

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2021.11.27 23:40 ShiningStar5022 Possible Idea for Villain & Plot for Season 2

Possible Idea for Villain & Plot for Season 2 I was thinking that season 2 will focus on the fall out of the death of the mayor. Mainly that the new villain is a crime boss that is also Whisk's father & he turns Port Aurora into a police state while setting a bounty on Meggy & causing Auri to be out of the job. Season 2 could possibly be about Meggy trying getting Auri's job back while avoiding death since the Phoenix Festival only happens once every 100 years. Oh, & we could get some Whisk development.
Before I end things off, here is some dolls of Whisk's possible father, Knife, & the minions he has.
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2021.11.27 23:40 TeaWizzle Why do so many celebrities deny having had plastic surgery even when it is obvious to everyone they've had it?

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2021.11.27 23:40 ryanjpboi mm, negative video length

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2021.11.27 23:40 zukanomi do it

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2021.11.27 23:40 SpoopyGuy360 haha m870 go pump pump

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2021.11.27 23:40 AGOTFAN "Spider-Man No Way Home" tickets will be going on sale on November 29th at 12:01am EST

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2021.11.27 23:40 joker1692 16 male looking for a [Relationship] and [chat] [m4f]

I’ve never had any luck anywhere, and if I tried to be forward I would just get turned down. Now I’m here to hopefully find someone. Some of my hobbies are playing video games, Mountain biking, being outdoors and exploring, Music (I like pretty much everything except rap) and anime. I’m 6’1 and I weigh somewhere close to 160Ib and I live in USA (Illinois). I’m fine with short or long distance dating just hit me up to chat, My age range is 15-18. And thank you for taking your time out of the day to read this. Dm me
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2021.11.27 23:40 Da-one-daddy I’m glad we only live once because I can’t do this shit again.

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2021.11.27 23:40 imgretel23 This genius from Good Fortune Burger in Toronto

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2021.11.27 23:40 CrisMas13 Is a book out of print?

I've been trying to read through the New Jedi Order books/Vong War, but I can't seem to find the Knightfall trilogy anywhere? Can I get a little help?
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2021.11.27 23:40 Jordanvxl Exclusive pyt content on Twitter make sure to go follow @pytplayz✅

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2021.11.27 23:40 michaelc1089 First selfie in a long time from Jessica’s IG

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2021.11.27 23:40 theweirdox Gift ideas for coworkers.

Soo... I have no idea what kind of gift I should get if I don't even know the person's like and dislikes. We're doing Secret Santa. Looking into something anyone would like. $30 and up.
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2021.11.27 23:40 Chrysalis420 feel like the rest of the world is moving by and i feel behind

my nanny is dead. her husband is likely dead. my uncle is missing and likely dead. my grandpa died a while ago, both my grandmas have dementia. my dad's memory is degrading and my mom seems to have gotten more wrinkles on her face since covid happened.
it makes me feel terrible because i feel like i've taken my family for granted... i wish i had spent more time with the people who have passed away before they did. especially my uncle. i feel as if i had been too cold and standoffish with my family... some of it the result of being used to being neglected, but still, should have interacted more with them.
it's only last year and this year that i've actually felt like i've come an adult... a lot of it the result of quarantine. i was pretty immature before, some of it the result of my own mental issues, some of it the result of being coddled and my mom doing nothing for me, and some of it is just not knowing how... but i've at least slowly learned how to gain independence over the past few months. learning the how to clean my own space, how to do laundry and how to navigate a city on foot were new to me but i managed to push by myself. i'm working now and i at least gain a sense of fulfillment from it.... just a sense of self control of not having someone else do it for you. i'm still financially dependent on my mother, i can't do anything about that now, but at least i'm going to make some of my own money. volunteering has also helped me at least gain confidence that i can do things by myself.
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2021.11.27 23:40 Vespha7 Heatran on me adding 10

2043 4693 3630 or 5610 0146 5227
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2021.11.27 23:40 Geobite Should I get a child injury lawyer for this situation?

Good evening,
I am not sure if whether should I go as far to get a lawyer for my daughter fractured arm ? Today we took her to peppag pig world play center and she was walking and managed to fall which she ended up with a fractured arm. The manager on duty only provided the ice pack since we asked for one. He never checked on my daughter and I nor even offered medic /to call for the ambulance. My husband went to get the ice pack. He then asked where she fell as they need to document it. We took her straight to the hospital since she was crying like crazy and complained about pain. There's no slippery sign.
I emailed to ask if they can call me back to talk about the situation and see if I can get video footage to see how she fell since it was so fast when it happened. They keep refusing to provide footage as they kept saying they didn't get it on camera and its their property.
Is that even allowed? Should I get lawyer for this?
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2021.11.27 23:40 NastyNas0 Would a screen protector covering the phone speaker reduce the volume by a lot?

I just got an iPhone 12 mini today. I got a screen protector when I bought it and the person at the Verizon store put in on for me. I just realized it's actually a screen protector for the 13 mini, which means the screen protector covers the phone speaker [(Here's a picture)](blob:https://imgur.com/b2999b3e-a740-4a00-8455-4c2338ccab80).
The phone speaker volume is really low even when I turn it up all the way. I wouldn't have expected the screen protector to block the volume so much since it's so thin. I just want to know if that's why the volume is so low or if there's any other possible explanation? I don't want to risk taking the protector off and messing it up or wasting my time at the Verizon store again for no reason. Should I take it back and ask for a refund, or is there something else that could cause the volume to be so low?
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