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Word of The Hour: eleven

- 12 hour format. Samoa cancels DST (Daylight Saving Time) for this year (2021-2022). See WTZ news. New Zealand starts Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time) on September 26, 2021. See Oceania times zones map. Australia starts Summer Time (DST) on October 3, 2021. See Australia Time Zone Map Europe will end Summer Time (DST) on October 31, 2021. Wrong registration URL. Contact the event organizer to get the correct URL. DFEH SHPT English v15C. DFEH SHPT English v15C. DFEH SHPT English v15C This lightweight fluid concealer provides seamless coverage, blurs imperfections and offers long-lasting comfortable wear. This all-day concealer formula wears up to 24 hours while providing medium-to-full buildable coverage. Skin looks smoother, even and selfie-ready. Its small sponge-tip applicator makes it easy to zero in on any area, making it your must-have magic wand. Skin looks fresh ...

2021.10.27 23:00 sharewithme Word of The Hour: eleven

English: eleven

  1. ten and one added
  2. the sum of ten and one
  3. the eleven men selected to play on one side in a match, as the representatives of a club or a locality
Fill in missing translations @ https://wordofthehour.org/translations
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2021.10.27 23:00 PaintBrush527 Erika going back in time to delete Luvu

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2021.10.27 23:00 EPWShow AEW Dynamite 10-27-21 Review Happy Halloween

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2021.10.27 23:00 Archangel_ROI Giveaway Grand Open EVENT CODE for Archangel : Rise of Immortal Release

Giveaway Grand Open EVENT CODE for Archangel : Rise of Immortal Release
We are a team of 6 devlopers and 5 designers with previous game development experience. Our team always strives to have an atmosphere of contemplation and discussion to develop a good game. Based on this, we are pouring our passion into our first project, Archangel.
Archangel is a strategy RPG game with Fleet-Based traditional strategy factors and high quality anime graphic. Since it's based on strategy, we designed a main content as a PvP battle system called "Celestial Siege" Celestial Siege is where our strategic philosophy placed in Archangel. We designed the battle system combined with many other factors in our game. It's not just about strong fleet and strong Hero combinations. You have to think about many other factors and make as many strategies as possible in order to win every single battle.
Upgrade your bases and produce much resources to improve your technology research on fleets. Strengthen your fleets with enhancement and train skill and specialty of your Heroes. Make the best squadrons with different formations in order to attack and defense your fleets! All of your choices may influence your strategic tendency and the success of your strategy. Use our coupon code to get benefits and bring your friends to your side! Win the battle and take over the mining area in Celestial Siege.
For more information, please visit our Facebook below: https://www.facebook.com/Game.Archangel
Use coupon from here: http://coupon.glitch.co.kcoupon
Google Playstore Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glitch.g2hus.global&hl=en
App Store Download Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/archangel-rise-of-immortal/id1563879638
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/tAb9NbeBpS Coupon Code : RN211008 (You can use this code until 10/31 11:59 PM)
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2021.10.27 23:00 oberyn4 What are some clever last minute Halloween costumes for us procrastinators?

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2021.10.27 23:00 leytourmaline Can you be forced inpatient involuntary as an adult with anorexia?

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2021.10.27 23:00 tubbsalex317 What promise did someone make to you that they broke and how did it make you feel?

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2021.10.27 23:00 rtbot2 Intel CEO pledges to beat Moore’s Law over the next decade

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2021.10.27 23:00 nf_highlights Zeke Nnaji : All Possessions (2021-10-25)

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2021.10.27 23:00 GBPolBot Politics and News for October 28, 2021

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2021.10.27 23:00 durangojim Use a left hand blade in a right hand knife?

I have a right handed small sebenza 31 and have the opportunity to purchase a left hand small sebenza 21 with an insingo blade. Is it possible to install the insingo blade into my right hand 31? Or will it not fit correctly? Thanks for the info!
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2021.10.27 23:00 Random_Sahmu Need help about those souls, The game says i get 1 more point in speed if i use the first set instead of the second, but it will only change 1 souls and its speed it the same +14. Where does this come from?

Need help about those souls, The game says i get 1 more point in speed if i use the first set instead of the second, but it will only change 1 souls and its speed it the same +14. Where does this come from? submitted by Random_Sahmu to Onmyoji [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 23:00 RightBlueberry6686 Sexually Assaulted by one of my friends

I know this story will probably get lost or forgotten or something like that, although I'd just like to post this here as a way of helping me get past it. Sorry it’s so long.
It all started in high school (this was during COVID btw) when I moved classes. (Just a quick note: I was suffering with depression and anxiety before this event due to the bullying and physical assault I had experienced in the past due to the school. Nothing was done about that) I was in lower set, although I found the classes boring and fell asleep during them and I barely did any of the work, so they moved me up into a higher set. I was seated next to a pupil who I’d had previous encounters with before and he seemed nice.
The first half term of school was fine. We talked and became friends. We even got each other’s numbers. Then we had our half term holidays and then we came back to school. New classroom, same students.
I was still seated next to the kid and the seating plan had only changed a little bit regardless. The first week or so was fine, although about 2 weeks or smt into the half term (I’m a bit foggy with the dates) the kid starts touching me in unpleasant places. I just froze. I was scared to do anything. When I tried pulling away, he just pulled me back and became more rough. Throughout the rest of the week it gets worse. The teachers don’t even realise because he did it under the desk.
After a week and a half of this happening, I was petrified to go into lesson.I’d go in, put my stuff down, get seated and start working. Then he’d start doing it again and I’d put my hand up and request to be excused. Since I had a medical pass, they’d let me and I wouldn’t return to class for the rest of the day. I was and still am scared of people touching me and when someone did/does, I froze/freeze and my anxiety just set/sets off. Mother caught onto this and started to worry about me.
During that same week, I told my best friend. They comforted me in my crying state and then helped me try to tell a teacher. The teachers where usually busy though, and so I couldn’t tell them at the time as i would’ve preferred to tell them in private
On the Sunday during the same week, my 3rd eldest sister decided to start poking me after finding out that I don’t like to be touched and my mother then joined in. I broke down into tears and they stopped. I told them everything about what had happened and the next day my mother came into the school and got me to tell the pastoral teacher. I had to write up a statement, point out where he touched me and then I had to sit with a teacher in the year 8 hallway and do work that hadn’t been done and then I got to read a book.
The next day I grabbed my stuff from that room and was transferred to a different classroom.
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2021.10.27 23:00 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Number of Female Executives Keeps Rising | Chosun Ilbo

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2021.10.27 23:00 subz21 What could this be?

Ever since being discharged from Psych Ward I’ve been feeling disconnected from everything around me. I don’t feel any connection towards my own family or to anything really. Never took any meds and was diagnosed with a single episode of major depression with no psychotic features. Is this possible? What can be happening? I didn’t feel like this even before I was committed. I still felt connected and connected to everyone I spoke to up until I was taken in.
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2021.10.27 23:00 elathbris27 Lost Google Authentication app

I got a new phone last month and I did not realize I needed to manually change over my Google Authentication app. I've opened multiple tickets for the issue since the start of the month and have received no help at all. Anyone else have to deal with this shit customer service?
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2021.10.27 23:00 Simbonita 4 seconds into the game and your stock is already mine

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2021.10.27 23:00 nf_highlights JaMychal Green : All Possessions (2021-10-25)

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2021.10.27 23:00 Jackinator94 Duckman (1994-1997 USA Network series). It later aired on Comedy Central. In Canada, it aired on Teletoon.

Duckman (1994-1997 USA Network series). It later aired on Comedy Central. In Canada, it aired on Teletoon. submitted by Jackinator94 to 90scartoons [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 23:00 Monako_momo Halloween Event!

Halloween Event! Welcome to our third official welfare event(halloween event), This is an easy event that even new players can join us. We would like to celebrate Halloween with our players. So you can join into this event on reddit or Discord, because on Reddit you can not post an image(you only can reply a link if you comment reply to this reddit post).
Topic: Post a pumpkin pictures(Hand-carved pumpkin) or a short story about Halloween on Reddit or Discord.
Rewards: Great Flame Pumpkin-lv0.
Time: Oct.27th: 10PM(EST) to Oct.29th: 10PM(EST)
  1. Please do not copy any other's picture or story. Also please do not download pics from the internet use these as your own pics.
  2. If you want to write a short story, please do not have the same story with the others'.
  3. One player only can have one account for this event
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2021.10.27 23:00 gabbypatty55 Celeste and meteor shower!

Come and make some wishes! Tips are not necessary but are appreciated. I'm especially in the market for the plain wooden shop sign diy and pisces star frags and aquarius star frags. I do have some extra of other specific star frags if anyone would just want to do a trade!
I'm only going to take the first five people who comment that they'd like to come. :) I'll close the post once I get the five.
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2021.10.27 23:00 ChrisGopher090 Rate my garage

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2021.10.27 23:00 mynameiskary123 Omeprazole question

I’ve had GERD for 5 months, and I got a endoscopy and they said I have esophagitis. They put me on omeprazole now (40mg) and said I’ll be healed in 6 weeks 100%, how much of a truth is there to this?
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2021.10.27 23:00 0mega_Zer0 Is primacy still a thing in harrowdeep?

I havent seen it in the rule book but maybe im missing it or maybe does it only come into play when one player wants to use it or has cards that interact with it?
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2021.10.27 23:00 nf_highlights CJ McCollum 20 PTS: All Possessions (2021-10-25)

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