[EP] Superwozzy – Light Of The Trenches

Fast-rising singer SuperWozzy collaborates with Bella Shmurda for his latest song “Higher“.This is a lead single for his taken from his forthcoming extended play “Light Of The Trenches”. We like the groove in this tune and recommend it for your weekend music playlist. Teen Wolf Season 4 Completed Episodes Download MP4 HD TV Series Scott McCall was just another kid in high school. Until, one night his best friend Stiles brings him to the woods and Scott is bitten by a werewolf. DOWNLOAD SuperWozzy Higher ft Bella Shmurda Talented Singer and songwriter, SuperWozzy rolls out a brand new single titled ”Higher” The song features Bella Shmurda . The new single is lifted from his soon to drop extended playlist titled “Light Of The Trenches”. The song between SuperWozzy and Bella Shmurda is a wonderful number that is […] Teen Wolf Season 6 Completed Episodes Download MP4 HD TV Series Scott McCall was just another kid in high school. Until, one night his best friend Stiles brings him to the woods and Scott is bitten by a werewolf.

2021.10.27 21:42 Elijazzy [EP] Superwozzy – Light Of The Trenches

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2021.10.27 21:42 jacleric "Inarius and Lilith" by Ziom05

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2021.10.27 21:42 Ok_Boysenberry3346 Me Complaining

Hi So, umm I think I am breaking down, like a sandcastle. I am typing this as I have a midterm tomorrow that I did not study for.

I used to be religious but in high school, I slowly changed and became uncertain of everything.
I think that affected my personality and my self-confidence. It also affected my religious belief. I come from a very religious family that does not tolerate being not religious. However, I do not like to fake it.
From middle school until late high school, my parents used to fight all the time. My father would hit my sisters and yell and make our family known for how unstable it is across the community.
Although my mother is the one being hit, I hated them both. I hated her for complaining all the time, and I hated him for making all that trouble. I wanted to leave. My father has money, but I did not like to take money from him. I did not want to be dependant on him; I do not trust him all that much tbh. I knew that my only way out is by academics. I focused on getting scholarships since middle school. And finally, I got a good scholarship for University abroad.
Covid hit, and I started thinking and thinking. I became depressed more and more. I starved myself. I just wanted to go away. I did not want to wake up after I sleep, but I always woke up. I lost weight and starved myself more but at the same time something in me feels killing myself is pathetic, so I did not do it.
Now, school is in person, but I feel very disconnected. I do not feel connected to anyone. I feel lost in this world.
I miss my old life. I miss my family, my friends, my neighborhood; I wish I died in elementary school. My friends, family everyone I knew back home will not accept me as an atheist or agnostic, I did not tell any of my siblings or friends, yes it is that serious. At the same time, I can not spend my life faking being religious. This is so messed up. I thought about living abroad in the same country as my university, but I do not feel I belong here. Their language is not my native language and the culture is just different. So, I have no idea where I will be after college; either live a fake life in my home country, or a more honest one in a foreign country where I do not belong in their different language and culture.
Also, I feel I am not at all as I used to be. I used to be excited about getting in relationships, but now I am a boring guy who always thinks about life and its direction. I feel like a very stupid sad, and dumb in general person that does not know how to live.
There is this cute girl that kept flirting with me. I kept avoiding her, because : first: I am very stupid(academically smart, but life-wise, I clearly do not know how to live. A chicken knows how to live 1000 times better than me.). Second, I am afraid we love each other then we break up, which I am pretty sure will devastate me and potentially let me end myself. Third, I do not feel connected to anything. Sometimes I walk around and think, "Am I real?", "where am I?", "why am I alive?". I think she is better off loving someone else because I won't be surprised if I go away soon.
At the same time, I am sure I will regret ignoring her in the future.
I am trying to stay strong and keep my academics up, but I keep thinking, "what for?". I will not be proud of my story if I ended it with own my hands, but I feel I am going in that direction. I was literally considering doing that two days ago. I am just tired, and I don't know what to do. I think I am too weak for this world.
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2021.10.27 21:42 SweatyGamer69420 Here is a nice little Ron Easter egg in the films

So, as we know, Ron is broke, meaning he only has second hand items or hand-me-downs, which obviously means they’ve probably been worn out, so, I was actually quite happy with how they portrayed it in the film, mainly Chamber of Secrets in the scene where Malfoy says the M slur, anyway, in the scene, while everyone else’s robes are completely black and clean, Ron’s robes are grey and dusted, I honestly think that that small detail is absolutely brilliant because it shows the Weasley’s financial state but also shows that Ron is in everyone’s shadow.
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2021.10.27 21:42 DTMCPrez Ages 17+ / Positions available / Freeaim / xbox. "DM" me only if you are interested.

Ages 17+ / Positions available / Freeaim / xbox.
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2021.10.27 21:42 karenkerenonly October 28 Daily Tasks💡 1️⃣Tasks for those who are finished with STS. 2️⃣Additional tasks 3️⃣Tasks for those who are still doing STS.

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2021.10.27 21:42 Low_Assistance_2162 Question for those in sanitation/janitorial, what surprising things have you found in the trash?

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2021.10.27 21:42 Zbecks71 My kitty likes to bite.

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2021.10.27 21:42 Minimum-Switch What jobs after the Navy for MA?

As stated above, what jobs are there for people that were Master at Arms in the Navy?
Anyone have any recommendations? What jobs could I do after I serve as an MA in the Navy?
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2021.10.27 21:42 Narianos Kay Starr with me and my grandma, 1995

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2021.10.27 21:42 TheDeepLucy I can log in but my card balance shows $0

Anybody else experience this? What's going on?
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2021.10.27 21:42 couldbeaspy Saw a post about Tau’s having metal mount inserts, they no longer do

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2021.10.27 21:42 byolo_ Memino tutto azzurro KEKW

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2021.10.27 21:42 Immortal_Slayer1 Vital Remains - Under The Moon’s Fog

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2021.10.27 21:42 bronsonsarmor Fake Jersey?

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2021.10.27 21:42 emilyscoolaf i told my ex not to contact me, i now regret it and am bummed out. what do i do reddit

hey dating advice,
i am coming here for some relief and advice. in summary, i had a rocky last few months with my ex. it turned out really toxic in the end on both sides and we were becoming resentful.
when we were breaking up, he had told me we would “work it out” when i came back for school the next semester, but i ended up going virtual. he didn’t really check in on me. this was about 5/6 months ago.
we would text every so often, and i think he admitted he was still in love with me. he’s been drunk texting me randomly as of recently late at night but mentions that he’s horny. i wouldn’t hear anything from him during the day, just at night.
i texted him and told him i don’t think we should be in contact anymore because it’s not fair for him to text me like that. i’m also fearful as i don’t want him to reject me.
i think we’ve both been working on being better people, and ultimately, i would want to be a better person to him and apologize for the past.
is it worth reversing this? or just leaving it alone? i don’t want to seem desperate.
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2021.10.27 21:42 Billy_The_Titan Witness Statement Question? [UK]

I was asked to write a witness statement in regards to a workplace incident that happened to a colleague. I sent the statement to the GM via email in the form of an attachment. The following day he asked to speak with me in a one to one chat in his office.
He accused me of lying in the statement. He checked my sickness record in an attempt to find deficiencies in my statement. None could be found as I was telling the truth. He then accused me of writing the statement in a negative way due to separate issues at work.
I was unaware that is was the role of a GM to be an arbiter of my witness statement. I did not think they were meant to be able to read it. Please correct me if I am wrong on this.
This statement will likely be used at a legal hearing and/ or a HR hearing so I take the accusation of lying in my statement very seriously.
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2021.10.27 21:42 tangeiros Blue flowers to giveaway!

I have a bunch of blue flowers I’m lookin to get rid of! I’ve got 10x blue hyacinths, 14x blue pansies, and 2x blue roses. Please only comment if you can be ready for delivery in a few minutes :) comment want you want, the more the better!
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2021.10.27 21:42 Kerazzk Happy girl on the grass

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2021.10.27 21:42 OkAd9263 👇👇👇👇

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2021.10.27 21:42 TheDarkPrior I need numbers.

In percentages, just how much of Xenoverse 2 is actually DLC content?
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2021.10.27 21:42 imextrasweet Aiming for 20 likes and 200 subs ! (Only Permanent Subs)

  1. Upvote
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Let’s support each other !
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2021.10.27 21:42 SalSal35 I wonder how close those are to the ones Safemoon got? 👀

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2021.10.27 21:42 dexterd22 Kenji

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2021.10.27 21:42 carrbonite86 Advice on dealing with the focus gem bug

So my original plan was to go life staff/hatchet build with an amber gem so my hatchet damage would scale with focus. Then, I read about the amber gem bug, and I've verified that my hatchet damage just doesn't scale with focus -- I've tried removing all my strength items and incrementing my focus, and it's clearly just not scaling.
I'm level 31 with 11 WS in both hatchet and life staff, but I'm a little concerned about starting from scratch. I could go with a strength secondary weapon, but I really like having a ranged weapon, which means my options are intelligence or dexterity. If I go with either one of those, I can't use *either* of the weapons I have levelled thus far.
So here's the advice I'm looking for: how debilitating would it be to start from scratch at this point of the game, weapon-skill-wise? With the focus gem bug, life staves aren't an option if I want to level up two weapons, so any general recommendations on how to proceed?
Side note: I'd been hoping they'd fix the problem with this patch, but I just read the notes and that's not happening. I get that it only impacts a relatively small fraction of the game's population, but it's been a huge bummer that I made a decision early on that's nerfed due to a bug, and I wish they'd have addressed it :(.
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